Terms & Attendance Policy:

Consistent Attendance is REQUIRED. In order for your child to progress, attendance is key. Students may only be absent if he / she has a valid reason (medical issue, family emergency, etc). Ricardo must be notified if any absence should occur in advance via Email. 2 days of tardiness will count as a full day’s absence. All dancers are responsible to catch up by themselves, by either contacting a friend to assist them as no classes will be held back. Once you have committed to any competition Groups/ Solo / Duets /Trios / Quartets/ you are liable to pay the extra tuition fees or any choreography fee, etc.

For their safety, your child will not be able to participate in class if they arrive more than 10 minutes late. They will be asked to observe class and take notes. This will be strictly enforced. Our program is a full commitment and we feel it should be just that: a 100{dab5595c5650efd71311d3ddca3908481373db7899e4c9409a3f819632ab2522} commitment.
All the classes are more than pure dance routines, and assists as necessary exercise. It develops poise and body awareness while promoting better posture, fitness, balance and co-ordination, Self Confidence and fun. It improves muscle flexibility, helps relieve stress and, because classes are taught in a group setting, provides the opportunity for dancers to interact with each other and have fun.

The teacher leads the class in the warm-up, stimulus and cool down. The first part of the lesson, the warm-up, consists of stretching exercises / fun isolations to get the muscles ready to engage in dance. This is followed by practicing the steps to one or more dances. The dance teacher leads the class in the dance, but also carefully watches the students, corrects mistakes in technique, perfects a step or stance, demonstrates the proper way to perform a step and tries to prevent injury by supervising closely.

Parents FULLY agree that only Ricardo Koopman, owner of Ricardo’s Modern Dance Studio, may/allowed take  and publish their child’s photographs, in any archive, media (press releases, web and social media) or future advertising to promote Ricardo’s Modern Dance Studio.

Ricardo’s Modern Dance Studio Children and Teen Program enforces a mandatory dance dress code for each division and any REHEARSAL OR SHOW-PRACTISE. We feel strongly in our belief that this will promote, discipline and teach proper classroom etiquette. All hair must be pulled back away from the face. No jewellery is permitted. Any student not in suitable dress code will be asked to observe the class. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Should I expect to pay any additional fees?


Costumes /Eisteddfod Entries / Examination Entries/Dance Progression Show & All Extra Lessons fees will be charged. Plenty of notice will be given for those fees and dates.

No child will receive a costume or will be able to participate in the recital unless ALL payments have been made in full cash in a clearly marked envelope. No other form of payment will be accepted.

About My Dancers: Always hardworking Friendly towards their peers I am truly blessed to have such wonderful stars. I enjoy watching them improving week by week.