Thank you

Sponsor a less privileged child for one /two years of professional dance tuition and modern dance competitions & examinations:

Wish List:

  • Tuition Fee for One year to secure one Dancers training / One year or two.
  • Branded Studio Dance Clothing/ Tracksuits/ Printing & Embroidering
  • Dance clothing & Dance Sneakers
  • Costumes
  • Transport
  • Portable Mirrors
  • Portable Dance-Barres
  • Make-up /Professional Artist
  • Professional Photographer
  • Professional Dance Educators – Payment per year
  • Professional Choreographers – Payment per year / Volunteer work

Thanks to:

Mr & Mrs Petchey Thank you for your cash contribution towards the show.

Mr & Mrs Bieber Thank you for your cash contribution towards our show.

Mr & Mrs Kehl Thank you for the skirts.

Thank you to “Sunthings for the sponsorship of leotards”

Mr & Mrs Rubenstein Thank you for the pillows.

Mrs E. Miller Thank you for your generous contribution.

Cash sponsored by Mercedes Benz Commercial Vehicles, Montague Gardens, for 15 costumes for “Push the Button” – Thank you, Mrs C.Jacobs.

Dance Progression Programme Sponsored by :Gia & Julia Hasson. Thank you!

Mr  N. Pentz: for the use of the wonderful costume for our coming show.

Gia and Ella Fanaroff, Tshepang Phiri and INTEGR8: Sponsored Show Venue.

Dibowitz Family & Thula baby centre: 14 Costumes sponsored for the one group “Girls Just Want to have Fun”

MR Robert J. Bloomberg Mediator and Attorney: Sponsored 18 Tule skirts and 18 Headgears for “In-love with Frogs”

Mrs Parisha Murray: Sponsored 18 Costumes for Group “Disco Inferno”

Mrs Adi Cohen: Sponsored the 12 Costumes for “The Boys are Bad group”

Mrs Seeff sponsoring: All the make up, stage etc.

Mrs S. Roy – Beauty Therapist: To apply the make up of all the dancers (Beauty Therapist Institute Pty Ltd Cape Town)

Mrs. Kameyamo and Mrs Williams: are having a dinner evening to raise funds to assist with costumes for their daughters AND 16 other costumes for the “Group”

Mrs L Wilensky: Offered to sponsor stunning gifts to raise money for group costumes etc.

Mrs T. Lazarus: Thank you for your cash contribution.

Mrs Kehl: Sponsoring the drapings fabrics and stage fabric for wings etc.

Mrs Brink: Donation of a watch for a fundraising raffle.

Long Life Lettering: Sponsoring all Posters & Banners and Roller Bands & Designs Etc. THANK YOU Mrs Jung.

Mrs M. Benatar: Sponsored 18 Lycra leotards & Footless tights for the Frog Costumes.

Sponsors from webdesign warehouse on Vimeo.

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