Ricardo Koopman

Bone crunching moves, artistic flavour and a real sense of dancing sums up Ricardo Koopman. Many years ago, Ricardo danced his way into the world in the heart of a fishing village called Hout Bay. From the age of four, Koopman has been practicing classical ballet, but who knew he would go on to be the country’s knight in shining armour of the dancing world.“My passion is to dance, but I realised that it was not enough to just dance, but to share this God given gift with all children,” says Koopman.

The burning desire within him drove the aspiring dancer to prove to his family and friends around him, that he had what it takes to put himself amongst the best. “I gave birth to the name ‘Dance Progression’ as I think it’s not about being at the top, but your achievement in what you set out for yourself,” says Koopman.

With a steady goal in mind, Ricardo furthered his training with Mr.Johaar Mosavaal / (and)  Jazzart’s, Sue Parker. He did not stop there; he went on to complete his teacher’s degree through the AIDT- Associate of International Dance Teachers. Ricardo also studied the method of SADTA and DanceCor.

He then joined the Observatory Circus (Keith Anderson) where he was given the opportunity to showcase his dancing abilities and thus broadened his abilities.  He did ballet as a subject at Wynberg Senior Secondary School where Ms Sheila Chisholm played a significant role in many young dancers dance careers.  Ricardo attended part time classical ballet classes at UCT under the direction of Dudley Tomlinson and Prof David Poole. He was also taken under the wing of well known community actress, Pippa Duffy who also played a major role in the Ricardo’s life. After leaving the circus stage, he moved on to the much bigger stages of Artscape and Baxter theatre where he took part in many stage plays, musicals and operas. He also danced with professional dance companies: Pace Dance {Director Val Steyn. / Full Circle Company under direction of Michelle Reid.} Ricardo taught for The Department of Education Dance under The Art and Culture banner for 16 years.

Ricardo has conducted many outreach programmes for the very hungry, keen and dedicated youth of our society who want to achieve in life.  In 2003 Ricardo completed a modern dance course in New York. Ricardo travels constantly abroad to Europe to keep up with the latest teaching methods, dance moves and standards to pass onto his students. He has appeared on several South Africa Television children’s programmes, and has also choreographed many successful Children’s Musicals and Stories dances & shows at the Baxter Theatre and for other well known theatres. He is also invited to adjudicate at various dance competitions and events around the country. Today, with 32 years of teaching experience, Ricardo walks with his head held high, because his name has been branded in the minds of many talented dancers, producers, teachers and event organizers locally and abroad. “I just believe or better yet I know, that I am enriched with a knowledge of dancing and now I have the opportunity of passing on what I know to the younger generation and I am prepared to teach this form of art (dance and theatre skills) for life. In 2010,2011,2012, 2013, 2014, 2015. I taught as a guest instructor/choreographer in Switzerland at the New Dance Academy. In 2011 I Taught in Thailand and Greece.

I taught in Malawi at 4 different schools each school – the have great potential for development in the young children to per-sue this. 

Adjudicated dance competition in Switzerland 2013, 2014 & 2015



Ricardo has conducted many outreach programmes for the very hungry, keen and dedicated youth of our society who want to achieve in life. View some of our galleries.