Sponsor a less privileged child for one /two years of professional dance tuition and modern dance competitions & examinations:
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Wish List:

  • Tuition Fee for One year to secure one Dancers training / One year or two.
  • Branded Studio Dance Clothing/ Tracksuits/ Printing & Embroidering
  • Dance clothing & Dance Sneakers
  • Costumes
  • Transport
  • Portable Mirrors
  • Portable Dance-Barres
  • Make-up /Professional Artist
  • Professional Photographer
  • Professional Dance Educators - Payment per year
  • Professional Choreographers - Payment per year / Volunteer work


WeDFy Cru Thank You Ricardo’s For Your Support View Letter

WeDFy Cru Thank You Ricardo’s Modern Dance Studio View Letter

WeDfy Cru Thank You Mrs E Miller & Family View Letter

WeDfy Cru Thank You Mrs N Bailey & Family View Letter

WeDfy Cru Thank you Mrs Fisher & Family View Letter

Thanks to:

  • Mr & Mrs Petchey Thank you for your cash contribution towards the show.
  • Mr & Mrs Bieber Thank you for your cash contribution towards our show.
  • Mr & Mrs Kehl Thank you for the skirts.
  • Thank you to “Sunthings for the sponsorship of leotards”
  • Mr & Mrs Rubenstein Thank you for the pillows.
  • Mrs E. Miller Thank you for your generous contribution.
  • Cash sponsored by Mercedes Benz Commercial Vehicles, Montague Gardens, for 15 costumes for “Push the Button” – Thank you, Mrs C.Jacobs.
  • Dance Progression Programme Sponsored by :Gia & Julia Hasson. Thank you!
  • Mr  N. Pentz: for the use of the wonderful costume for our coming show.
  • Gia and Ella Fanaroff, Tshepang Phiri and INTEGR8: Sponsored Show Venue.
  • Dibowitz Family & Thula baby centre: 14 Costumes sponsored for the one group “Girls Just Want to have Fun”
  • MR Robert J. Bloomberg Mediator and Attorney: Sponsored 18 Tule skirts and 18 Headgears for “In-love with Frogs”
  • Mrs Parisha Murray: Sponsored 18 Costumes for Group “Disco Inferno”
  • Mrs Adi Cohen: Sponsored the 12 Costumes for “The Boys are Bad group”
  • Mrs Seeff sponsoring: All the make up, stage etc.
  • Mrs S. Roy – Beauty Therapist: To apply the make up of all the dancers (Beauty Therapist Institute Pty Ltd Cape Town)
  • Mrs. Kameyamo and Mrs Williams: are having a dinner evening to raise funds to assist with costumes for their daughters AND 16 other costumes for the “Group”
  • Mrs L Wilensky: Offered to sponsor stunning gifts to raise money for group costumes etc.
  • Mrs T. Lazarus: Thank you for your cash contribution.
  • Mrs Kehl: Sponsoring the drapings fabrics and stage fabric for wings etc.
  • Mrs Brink: Donation of a watch for a fundraising raffle.
  • Long Life Lettering: Sponsoring all Posters & Banners and Roller Bands & Designs Etc. THANK YOU Mrs Jung.
  • Mrs M. Benatar: Sponsored 18 Lycra leotards & Footless tights for the Frog Costumes.