Numerous events are held every year at Ricardo’s Modern Dance Studios, allowing the students of Ricardo’s Modern Dance Studio to showcase their talents through these very important events.

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Eistedfodd 2013

1. PLEASE stay informed, diarise dates and times.

2. Parents are most welcome to attend and support this event.

3. Tickets on sale at the doors. Dancers may watch for free on the day of their own performance not the parents & friends .Please conduct yourself in a respectful manner .

4. Video recording and photos allowed outside but not inside the auditorium. EISTEDDFODD WILL PROVIDE THIS SERVICE. PLEASE SETTLE DIRECTLY WITH THEM.

5. Dancers must meet me at the Sea Point Civic Centre in Dressing-room .Parents are requested to please bring dancers to the dressing-room 1 ½ before performance time & wish them and leave the dressing room area.

6. Time and meeting place is listed on your Eisteddfod letter. (Parents may bring dancers to the dressing rooms, however due to limited space, are requested to leave as soon as possible and take seats in the auditorium. Only if they are assisting with make- up may they stay.

7. Please enter through the door at the back of the building by the parking area and go to the dressing room allocated to our studio. Follow direction on bill board in the passage.

8. Sorry no family or friends are allowed back stage, only teachers and dancers.

9. Please bring: unitard or leotard, tights and if you want something to wear in your hair (ribbons, feathers flowers etc.)

10. All parents are requested to do the hair at home not in the dressing-Please use Lapebra hair gel.

11. Each dancer to please wear a studio Track suit / jacket or jersey or gown that opens in the front. This will protect the leotard and keep you warm.

12. Also bring some socks or slippers to keep feet clean and warm

13. No watches, cell phones or jewellery allowed on stage

14. When dancers have finished dancing, they must please change out of their costumes into normal clothing before they enter the auditorium. This is a rule of the Eisteddfod. Dancers may leave on their makeup and hair style.

15. The adjudicator may not be approached even if you think she has given good markings. If you disagree with her, remember this is but one person's opinion and that each dancer tries her best.

The most important aspect of the Eisteddfod is not whether a dancer receives an award or not, but the experience that she has gained by entering and dancing in a competition. They need a lot of encouragement and praise as it takes much courage to dance on stage with an audience. Behind every happy dancer is a motivating mum and dad. Thank you for bringing your daughter to her rehearsals.

Good Luck – Break a Leg

Dance saved my life - Ricardo